27 April 2010

Cafe de Vili's

Cafe de Vili's is an Adelaide institution and like most Adelaide institutions, not very well publicised. But nobody tells me this stuff so I just learn the hard way through trial and error so I can share the gems with you. Cafe de Vili's is right next to the Vili's factory and they're open 24/7, which is extremely rare for restaurants in Adelaide. Only other one I know of open 24/7 is the Pancake Kitchen which I wouldn't recommend unless you're really desperate. In addition to their main drawcard, the Aussie meat pie, Cafe de Vili's sells all kinds of other stuff. Donuts, lamingtons, slices, cold drinks, hot drinks, sausage rolls, Vili dogs, schnitzels, sandwiches, salads, chips with gravy, chicken, fish, etc. So far, we reckon the winner from the menu is the Vili Burger with chips (pictured below) for around $9. It's actually the best burger we've had in Adelaide thus far, and better than many we've paid a lot more for. Comes with traditional Aussie toppings of a fried egg & beetroot (aka beets) plus lettuce, tomato, bacon and as much tomato sauce (ketchup) as you want from the self serve Vili's sauce bottles (far left end of the sales counter). So if you're in the Mile End South area and you're hungry (or thirsty), no matter the time or the day, stop by Cafe de Vili's at 2-14 Manchester Street.

Vili Burger

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  1. You know I have been living in Adelaide for about 20 years now and I don't think I have ever been there, never seemed all that appealing to me. How were the chips? Burger does looks great!

  2. You should check it out. It's got such an Adelaide vibe. We were there one day when the showdown was going on and they had Crows and Power coloured stuff everywhere. Good fun. To answer your question, the chips were pretty good. Not nearly as memorable as the burger but definitely not bad. Lots of people get them smothered in gravy which I have yet to try there but seems that's the popular way to get chips at Cafe de Vili's.