17 June 2012

Bread Garden - Adelaide, South Australia

Bread Garden is a great new Asian bakery in Glynde. It's just across Payneham Road from one of our favourite Korean restaurants, Sushi Gallery.

Bread Garden entrance

Bread Garden is similar to Breadtop, but it's a one of a kind gourmet bakery and not a franchise. Because of its smaller scale, there's more love and attention to detail in the baked goods at Bread Garden.

inside Bread Garden

The decor is eclectic and draws you in as soon as you walk through the door. There are comfy tables and chairs, which make "eating in" all the more enjoyable. To get started, you'll need to pick up a plastic tray and tongs to gather your selections.

Bread Garden is heavenly

At Bread Garden, everything is made with New Zealand butter and filtered water - no margarine, shortening or preservatives. It all looked so delicious - fluffy, shiny buns and loaves of all shapes, colours and sizes. I seriously wanted to buy one of everything. To make matters worse, this man was going around brushing the pastries with melted butter. Evil!

brushing butter on top

One of my favourite savoury options is this amazing Sausage and Lots Leaf Bread aka "The Leaf" ($3.20). It has slices of sausage, corn, cheese, tomato sauce and mayo inside. Absolutely irresistible!

Sausage and Lots Leaf Bread ($3.20)

There are also plenty of great sweets such as the Blueberry & Creamcheese bun ($2.40). As the name suggests, it's got plump blueberries and smooth cream cheese in the middle. The bun itself is ultra soft and moist.

Blueberry & Creamcheese ($2.40)

One of the cutest buns has to be the Smile Custard Bun ($2.00). This one is sure to put a smile on your dial.

Smile Custard Buns ($2.00)

There's quite an extensive drinks menu as well, including coffees, teas, iced drinks, shakes, fruit ice crushers, and ice shavers. Darren had a coffee and said it was very good, smooth, high quality coffee. He was very impressed. Here's the small Latte ($3.30).

Small Latte ($3.30)

We couldn't resist taking a Chocolate Croissant ($2.00) for the road. Boy is this a bargain! We zapped it in the microwave for about 10 seconds and it was incredibly good. Perfect croissant pastry and a good amount of dark chocolate inside. Yes, please!

Chocolate Croissant ($2.00)

They sell made to order cakes as well. This one on display looked amazing! They've also got cake slices for sale.

awesome looking cake

Bread Garden is open 8:30am to 7pm (to 9pm on Friday), closed Tuesdays. This place is so good, we're already planning our next visit.

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