18 April 2010

The 'Mites

Something I definitely never tried in America is spreads made from yeast extract. These are used very commonly in Australia on toast, sandwiches and crackers. The best selling one in Australia is Vegemite...an Aussie food icon. I think it's something you have to grow up eating because I just can't handle the bitterness of it except in microscopic quantity. But a cheese and Vegemite sandwich is pretty much the Australian version of the American PB&J (peanut butter & jelly sandwich). I recently tried a couple of the other yeast spreads - Promite and Marmite (the New Zealand version, not the British version). Promite is the highest in it's sodium (salt) content. Marmite is the highest in sugar and probably for this reason a little milder in taste, which I like. Marmite also has the advantage of 11.5g of Dietary Fibre per 100g and 36mg of Iron per 100g, which none of the others claim on their Nutritional Information labels. I haven't tried the new Vegemite Cheesybite (formerly known as iSnack 2.0), the British version of Marmite, or Mighty Mite, but at the moment my vote goes to Sanitarium Marmite. I've been having a bit of it on my toast some mornings. Do you have a favorite 'Mite?


  1. my little bro hated vegemite so much he moved to the USA so the family could no longer torture him with vegemite on toast. I love vegemite (not the others) but only when it is very lightly scraped on.....yum

  2. haha, he hates it that much huh? have you tried the Cheesybite? Tried some of Ali's last week (she hates it). It's pretty good but also lots of fat since it's basically Vegemite with cream cheese and butter mixed in.