13 April 2010

Breadtop is in Adelaide!

Breadtop is in Adelaide!Chocolate Horn & Blueberry Danish
OK this is probably not important to you unless you're actually in Adelaide, but the world needs to know that as of 26 March 2010 Breadtop is in Adelaide! What is Breadtop, you ask? It's lots and lots of yummy buns, pastries, cakes and bread. You walk in, grab a plastic tray and some metal tongs, and wipe your drool while trying to decide what NOT to buy. In all of our past visits to locations in Melbourne combined with our numerous visits so far in Adelaide, we have managed to try something new pretty much every time. It's part of the Breadtop adventure - there's a different selection on offer depending on what has just come out of the ovens. Kinda makes you want to camp out for a whole day just to see what they will bring out next! If there's a location near you, definitely a must try.

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  1. in Fountain Gate Shopping Centre in Victoria. AWESOME! just should watch this on how to eat them... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzCcS1Lez88