27 November 2010

Hot Lobster Roll at Lobster Landing - Clinton, Connecticut

If you visit the Connecticut coast, you need to eat a hot lobster roll at Lobster Landing LLC in Clinton. We drove in through the town of Clinton and enjoyed views of all kinds of interesting homes on the way. Here's a short video of part of our journey.

The building sporting the name "Lobster Landing" looks a million years old and tells you that this place has been here for a while and is one of a kind.

Lobster Landing

If you want fresh seafood, enter the above shack. But if you want a hot lobster roll and cold canned sodas/bottled water, visit the marquee to the left. When we visited in June 2010, the marquee was staffed by friendly teenage girls making some extra bucks during their summer break. We ordered our hot lobster rolls ($14) and a few minutes after we'd found a table on the deck just feet from the water, one of the girls delivered the food.

Hot Lobster Roll

We'd never seen or eaten anything like it. Buttery lobster goodness on a roll that was soft, but strong enough to handle the juices. Considering the amount of lobster in these rolls, they're an absolute bargain. Very tasty and the views on a sunny day aren't bad either. There are quite a few places in the area serving hot lobster rolls, but I can't see many of them topping Lobster Landing.

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07 November 2010

Recipe: Mexican Gelatina Mosaico

Mexican Gelatina Mosaico
After falling in love with this stuff at El Super in Inglewood, California, we had to learn to make it ourselves at home here in Australia. It's actually really easy, cheap, and really fun to eat. Only thing is, it's torturous trying to wait for them to set. But as they say, good things come to those who wait and this stuff is GOOD! For the gelatin, choose your favourite flavours/colours. We used Strawberry, Lemon & Lime. Deliciosa!

Gelatina Mosaico Vaso Gelatin CupINGREDIENTS
3 boxes flavoured gelatin (eg. Jello or Aeroplane Jelly, any flavours)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 can of condensed milk or cream
2 packages of unflavoured gelatin

1. Prepare the flavoured gelatins according to directions on the package, but reduce the required water by half.
2. Pour the gelatin into separate rectangular dishes and chill until set.
3. Cut the gelatin into small cubes and put the cubes into serving cups or bowls. Put a mix of flavours into each.
4. Blend the sweetened condensed milk and the condensed milk in a pitcher or bowl.
5. Prepare the unflavoured gelatin according to directions on the package, but again reduce the required water by half.
6. Add the unflavoured gelatin to the milk mixture.
7. Pour the gelatin/milk mixture over the gelatin cubes.
8. Place them in the fridge and chill until set (minimum 4 hours).
9. Enjoy!