06 February 2011

Food Carts - New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, Connecticut is home to Yale University, Louis Lunch (where the hamburger was supposedly invented), New Haven style pizza (aka "apizza"), and on weekdays at lunchtime in New Haven, it's food cart mania! We were lucky enough to be passing through at the right time on a weekday so we headed straight to Yale-New Haven Hospital at Cedar and York Streets.

Food carts!

The quantity and variety of choice was staggering. Check out the number of choices on this cart's menu!

That is one serious menu!

If you live, work or study in the area, you've got absolutely no reason to ever bring your lunch. With food from so many different countries represented here, it's like a tiny Epcot Center of food carts. Free entry and large serves for $5 or $6. Who could resist? Everything looked so good (and cheap) so it was extremely difficult to decide what to order. Malaysian, Ethiopian, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Jamaican, Cuban, Peruvian, and Turkish were some of the choices. We settled on a chicken burrito from La Carreta Mexican Food.

La Carreta Burrito

This was a massively huge burrito, made with care. I ordered mine with the works and the most interesting ingredient was pickled cabbage. This was a first for me in a burrito but very interesting to try. The burrito was big, delicious and packed a punch so I could hardly believe it was only $5.

If you're in the New Haven area at lunch on a weekday, stop by one (or more!) of the 150+ food carts. More carts are at Elm and York Streets or Prospect and Sachem Streets. You'll be able to find pretty much anything you're in the mood for, or if you go window shopping, something is sure to take your fancy.

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