15 January 2011

Bubble Tea in Adelaide

I have a slight addiction to bubble tea. If you haven't had one, you wouldn't understand. They look strange, typically with little black tapioca balls or "pearls" in the bottom of the cup. There are usually other options such as jelly or aloe vera gel if you don't like the pearls, though I happen to love 'em.

Lychee Bubble Tea

The pearls or jelly are only half the fun. The other half comes in the myriad of flavours to choose from. It's an adventure and even though you may have your old faithful favourites, you'll certainly never get bored!

The Bubbles @Aztec Menu

Once your tea is all mixed up and the celophane lid is sealed onto the top of the cup, you grab your fat straw (for sucking up pearls, of course!), stab it through the lid and slurp away!

Green Apple Bubble Tea

I had a bubble tea craving the other day so I naturally went looking online for some kind of list of places where you can get bubble tea in Adelaide. To my total surprise and disappointment, I couldn't find anything! So I decided to start my own map of bubble teas in Adelaide. It's a work in progress so please comment if you have any locations to add or if you have a favourite bubble tea place!

View Adelaide Bubble Tea in a larger map

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