21 August 2010

El Super - Inglewood, California

Another gem we discovered in Los Angeles was El Super, an awesome Mexican grocery store. We visited the Inglewood store, but there are several locations in the Los Angeles area.
El Super grocery store

The name is pretty accurate. It was actually super. They have most of what you'd expect to find in a grocery store, plus a whole lot more Mexican stuff that you may have never tried. We loved it so much, we went back a few times during our stay.

The panaderia (bakery) selection was huge with all kinds of breads and cakes.
Panaderia (Bakery)

The prices were excellent. For example, we got a bunch of different flavors of Mexican sodas (mostly Jarritos brand) and I'm pretty sure they were 3 for $2.

They also sell cool stuff like nopales (cactus).
Nopales (cactus) in the grocery store

And they sell the most delicious gelatina mosaico from the deli. We didn't want this stuff to end when we were eating it, so addictive!
Gelatina Mosaico Vaso Gelatin Cup

For a really fun, cheap and different grocery shopping experience check out El Super in Los Angeles.

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