28 August 2010

Flour Bakery - Boston, Massachusetts

Flour Bakery is a well loved bakery and cafe with three locations in the Boston area. They're best known for their sticky buns, which are full of buttery, sugary, nutty, melt in your hands and mouth goodness. They have to be tried to be understood. These sticky buns are so popular that you need to get there early, or pre-order them so they hold some for you. We got there after 9am so had to drive to a second location to get our hands on this one, but it was well worth the drive!

Sticky Bun

There is much more to Flour than just their world famous sticky buns, however. Pretty much everything they make seems to have magical qualities. I'd never had a "muffin top" before but when I saw a Vanilla Berry Muffin Top in the window, I had to try one. I really love this muffin top idea. After all, the best part of the muffin is at the top where the sugar sort of crystalises and the muffin goes all golden brown. Not sure if anyone could do the muffin top as well as Flour. It was moist all the way through and full of berries. In fact, it was so good we had to go back and buy whatever was left of the batch. Luckily for our wallets and waistline - only one. Yes, please!

Vanilla Berry Muffin Top

This breakfast sandwich was also incredibly tasty - eggs the way you like it (we got ours scrambled), ham or bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato and the most refreshing mustardy sauce on a soft but not too soft bread roll. Simple yet amazing stuff!

Egg & Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Flour Bakery - a must visit when you're in Boston.

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