11 March 2013

Kytons Hot Cross Buns with Menz FruChocs - Adelaide, South Australia

I first fell in love with Kytons Bakery for their fresh, fluffy lamingtons dipped in rich chocolate and coated with plenty of coconut. These lamingtons are so good that they won 1st Prize in the 2008 National Baking Awards in Sydney. Kytons products are mostly sold as fundraisers for community groups and sporting clubs across South Australia and Victoria.You can also find them in most FoodLand and IGA stores as well as a selection of other retailers. We purchased this pack from our local FoodLand for Australia Day and loved every bite.

Kytons Bakery Lamingtons for Australia Day

In addition to their amazing lamingtons, Kytons also sells hot cross buns in the lead up to Easter. This year, they've partnered with Menz to produce the new hot cross buns with FruChocs!

Kytons Hot Cross Buns FruChocs

This might sound like a strange combination to some, but it totally works! First, slice open the bun to reveal the awesome FruChocs inside. FruChocs are a South Australian icon, now sold nationwide. Note that due to pronunciation problems interstate they're called Choc Apricot Balls outside of SA. FruChocs are so awesome they even have their own Appreciation Society.

Fruchocs inside the hot cross bun

I like to slice the hot cross bun in half and spread some butter or margarine inside. Next I recommend lightly toasting them before serving with a cuppa tea.

Kyton's Hot Cross Buns with FruChocs

The chocolate melts, the apricot stays chewy, and the edges get toasted and crunchy. They taste like a mix between fruit-filled and chocolate buns so they're a hybrid hot cross bun that is the perfect celebration of South Australia.

Kytons Hot Cross Buns with FruChocs

I hope everyone buys the new Kytons hot cross buns with FruChocs this year to ensure they keep making them every year. Check the list of Stockists (alphabetical by suburb) to see where you can get yours.

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