14 February 2013

Daily Choice - Adelaide, South Australia

Daily Choice in Southern Cross is the original spot for Vietnamese rolls (banh mi) around Rundle Mall. The staff at Daily Choice were churning out sandwiches to queues of hungry customers long before the trendy Soonta Rolls and Miss Mai came along. Since the arrival of these new competitors in nearby James Place, Daily Choice is definitely less busy than in the past, but you may still need to line up with loyal customers for one of their old school Vietnamese rolls. You won't wait long though because staff are efficient and the line moves quickly. If you do go down the banh mi path, you can choose Lemongrass Chicken, BBQ Pork, Stewed Beef, Vietnamese Ham, or Crispy Skin Roast Pork for $4.50. Or if you can't pick just one, go for the Combination Roll for $5.50.

Daily Choice

If you're keen on a lighter option and/or want to skip the queue, walk straight up to the little fridge on the left and go for my favourite - a pack of their awesome cold rolls. You can get Chicken, BBQ Pork, Prawn or a combo pack. 2 rolls costs $4.20. A pack of 2 Vegetarian rolls is only $3.30. These are not your average cold rolls - they're jumbo sized. They also come with a choice of either Hoisin or Sweet Chilli dipping sauce.

Chicken & Pork Cold Rolls ($4.20)
Chicken & Pork cold rolls ($4.20)

The quality and freshness is consistently good, the sauce is tasty, the price is right, and they're both filling and relatively healthy so the cold rolls from Daily Choice are in my regular rotation for city lunches.

Protip: Due to the ginormous size of these cold rolls, I recommend dipping prior to the first bite, then carefully pouring a little bit of sauce prior to each subsequent bite. This pour method avoids the contents of the roll ending up in the sauce. Just make sure you ration your sauce so you don't run out before you finish the second roll. Enjoy!

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  1. Daily Choice is the best. Great Banh Mi.

    1. Cheers, good to hear from a fellow Daily Choice fan. :)

  2. Those cold rolls look delicious. I'm planning on trying this place now.

    1. Great, let me know if you think they taste as good as they look. :)