29 August 2013

Wheat Thins (Coles brand) - Australia

Anyone who's been away from foods they grew up with would understand my excitement when I discovered a Coles brand version of Wheat Thins here in Adelaide, South Australia. The Wheat Thins I know and love from North America previously had to be sourced from places like USA Foods in Australia. Not anymore! Granted, the Coles brand version isn't exactly like Nabisco's... but it's close. And at only $1.79 for 250 grams, not bad value either.

Wheat Thins in Australia! (Coles brand)

Wheat This (Coles brand)
I'm also pretty happy with the list of ingredients. Definitely not the most unhealthy snack food on the market and I'm glad to see there are no monoglycerides on the list. Interestingly, they are made in Canada. Coles also sells a Vegetable Wheat Thins variety (green box) which are good too, but the plain ones (orange box) are definitely my favourite. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Wheat Thins (Coles brand) nutritional info


  1. Whilst I'm not happy that they're Coles Brand, I will get myself a box and check 'em out. I am happy to give them a go and report back to you :) So do I just butter them up with a scrape of vegemite?

    1. I haven't heard of anyone putting anything on them. You could, but I think most people just eat them on their own as an alternative to potato chips. I'm interested to know what you think!

  2. I can 't find the vegetable thins