19 August 2012

Red Door Bakery - Adelaide, South Australia

We tend to try to stay away from Red Door Bakery at Elizabeth Street, Croydon. It's not because we don't enjoy their delicious gourmet baked goods, it's just that we enjoy them a little too much. We recently reaquainted ourselves with the Red Door...probably put on a few kilos in the process, but it was worth it.

outside Red Door Bakery

The pies and sausage rolls aren't your typical corner bakery offerings. These are quite possibly the best specimens you will ever consume and thus are a bit dearer than you're probably used to - $5.90 for pies and $5 for sausage rolls. Trust me, it's money well spent!

Pies & Sausage Rolls

I've heard a great deal about the brilliance of the Pork & Sage Sausage Roll, but not much about the pies. I decided to take home a Traditional Chicken Pie, as sausage rolls aren't really my cuppa tea.

Traditional Chicken Pie ($5.90)

This was most definitely the best traditional chicken pie I've ever had. The chicken was moist, the pastry buttery and flaky, and the veggies provided further flavour to the equation. This is a pie I would definitely go out of my way for again. Big thumbs up!

inside the Traditional Chicken Pie

On to the danishes and croissants. More tough choices here...


I went for the Rhubarb Danish for $4.50. This was excellent - tarty with a little vanilla custard underneath. The rhubarb was so nice and sweet that I was wishing for a few more pieces that went all the way to the edge of the danish.

Rhubarb Danish ($4.50)

On to the tarts, sandwiches & pizzas - oh my! One Creme Brule Tart ($4.50) and one Salted Caramel Belgian Chocolate Brick ($4.50) came home with us as well.

Tarts, Sandwiches & Pizzas

The Creme Brule Tart had that glassy top that cracks when you cut or bite into it. If you're a fan of creme brule in general, this is a must try.

Creme Brule Tart ($4.50)
We cut the Salted Caramel Belgian Chocolate Brick in half with a butter knife. For a brick it was actually not very hard at all. The caramel oozed out of the center and was very inviting. When they say salted, they mean salted - it's just on the border of becoming savoury. Very enjoyable.
inside a Salted Caramel Belgian Chocolate Brick ($4.50)

Red Door is definitely one of Adelaide's best bakeries. The quality is top notch and word has definitely spread. They now have a second location on King William Road, Goodwood. So....skinny Adelaideans, get on over there!

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