28 July 2012

Nanna Hot Bake - Adelaide, South Australia

No visit to the Adelaide Central Market is complete without a stop at Nanna Hot Bake. This is a family run business that has been serving up delicious, warm buns since 1989 (23 years and counting!). They're located at the Chinatown end of the markets near the souvenir shops. The signage has a classic 90s look and I hope they never change it.

Nanna Hot Bake

Steamy buns, fresh out of the oven. So inviting!

Nanna's Buns

The most popular item seems to be the Nanna Hot Dog ($1.80). Over the years I've witnessed several large orders being picked up involving white cake boxes filled with Nanna Hot Dogs. This is a beautiful sight indeed. If you need more than about 10, it's probably best to pre-order.

Nanna Hot Dog ($1.80)

The Coconut Swirl is sweet, buttery and moist with plenty of coconut inside. Protip: Unravel the layers as you eat.

Coconut Swirl ($2)

The Butter Sugar Bun ($1.80) is a light fluffy bun with a sinful pocket of melted butter and sugar in the middle.

closer look at a Butter Sugar Bun

Darren's favourite is the Custard Polo ($1.80). This bun has a dense yellow custard inside and a slightly crunchy top.

Custard Polo Bun ($1.80)

There are plenty more sweet and savory items on the menu such as the Coconut Tart or Sweet Egg Tart ($1.60), BBQ Pork Bun ($1.80), Chicken Hotpot Bun ($1.80), and the list goes on. The buns are best served warm. If yours have cooled, just ask them to warm them up for you in the microwave.


Nanna's is an Adelaide small business that serves up buns with a homemade look, taste, and feel that warm your heart as well as your belly. Next time you're at the Adelaide Central Markets, grab a Nanna's or two for some perfect on-the-go shopping fuel.

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