07 April 2012

Caffeteca - North Adelaide, South Australia

We've recently discovered a great little cafe hiding in Tynte Street, North Adelaide called Caffeteca. It's across the road from Perryman's Bakery.


Caffeteca feels more like a little cafe you might find in Melbourne or Sydney. Find a table and place your order at the counter.

inside Caffeteca

I was keen to try the hot chocolate and it certainly didn't disappoint. I absolutely love the rich, dark, European style hot chocolate they serve up at Caffeteca. Under that milky froth is a whole lotta chocolate goodness.

Hot Chocolate

Coffees are excellent quality and hard to fault. This is the Caffe Latte (large).

Caffe Latte (large)

They also offer some great freshly squeezed juices - Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice ($5.50) or Orange Juice ($4.50). If you don't like pulp, you might want to stay away from the OJ because it's pretty chunky. I didn't mind the pulp as I felt I was getting all of the goodness of the orange without any of the work. Naturally delicious!

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice ($4.50)

The serving sizes at Caffeteca are generally on the small side, but they're still great value for the price and still leave you feeling satisfied because they're so darn tasty. The Egg and Pancetta Brioche ($7.50) is probably the smallest choice but it's delicious.

Egg and Pancetta Brioche Toasted ($7.50)

If you want a slightly larger meal, go for the Breakfast Piadina ($9.90). It comes with free range scrambled eggs, fontina cheese, and crispy pancetta inside. It's divine!

Breakfast Piadina ($9.90)

The other breakfast options include piadinas, croissants, breads, fruit, muesli, porridge and they serve lunch as well. Caffeteca is open Mon-Sat 7am-4pm (closed Sundays).

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  1. I’m really not impressed by the size of the meal for the amount of money that I'm paying for it, but I suppose if you need a litle sit down in Adelaide South, the hot chocolate looks worth trying :) Maybe it's time to get the bicycle out of storage and take a quick tour around the neighbourhood to check it out huh?