19 February 2012

Pancakes at the Port - Port Adelaide, South Australia

Ahoy me hearties...drop ye anchors at these here lonely (plate) docks and I'll tell ye a merry yarn o' some pancake treasures.

entrance to Pancakes at the Port

I wasn't expecting much from Pancakes at the Port because the experience generally starts with a 10-15 minute wait in line. The eftpos machine is very slow and the folks taking the orders aren't in any hurry either. The place gets pretty busy too so don't be fooled by these photos, taken just after opening at 8am. It may be wise to book a table. But be assured, you will be rewarded for your efforts when the food arrives.

inside Pancakes at the Port

There's a good amount of seating inside, a few more tables next door, and several tables outside. Here's the view from the outside tables towards Lipson Street (we usually park on Lipson Street on weekends). The outside tables are definitely a great place to sit on a nice day. You get an excellent view of the dolphin boats, the water and the lighthouse.

view from Pancakes at the Port

Believe it or not, they serve a decent coffee here. It's no trendy microbrew, but it's got plenty of flavour and it's easy to drink. Grab a complimentary paper from the front counter and have yourself a nice start to the day before you even get started on the food.

Cafe Latte (Mug $3.80)
Cafe Latte (Mug $3.80)

The classic pick of the menu would have to be the Short Stack Pancakes ($7). They come with some beautiful whipped butter and a little pitcher of maple syrup. You can also get extra pancakes at $1.50 each if you prefer a slightly taller stack. I wouldn't blame you as these are by far the best pancakes I've had in Adelaide. Perfectly fluffy and full of buttermilk flavour.

Short Stack of Pancakes ($7)

If you want some extras with your cakes, there are plenty of options both sweet (such as strawberries, apples, apricots, blueberries, chocolate) and savoury. So far we've tried the German Feast ($14), which comes with a short stack, kranski sausage, bacon, egg and tomato...

German Feast

...The Canadian Feast ($13.50) - short stack, bacon, egg and tomato....

Canadian Feast ($13.50)

...and the Farmers Breakfast ($12) - short stack, eggs, and hash browns.

Farmers Breakfast ($12)

All rank among the tastiest breakfasts around. Good quality ingredients, cooked well. We love the short cut bacon without all the extra fat, the eggs are eggceptional, and the hash browns aren't oily, but have a beautiful crunch on the outside.

To make it well worth your trip, go on a Mon-Sat morning before 11:30am and you can get the Big Breakfast (3 pancakes, bacon, egg, tomato, a hash brown and a free tea or coffee) for just $13. Shiver me timbers, what a bargain!

Big Breakfast ($13 with free tea or coffee)

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