06 August 2011

Bing Boy - Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, there's a new kid in town and his name is Bing Boy. The first one is in Southern Cross Food Court and there's soon to be a second location in the new group of Renaissance Arcade food stalls.

Bing Boy - Southern Cross

In case you were wondering what this Bing Boy "urban asian street food" is all about, the side of the shop defines the meaning of the name:


There are 8 wraps on the menu, priced at $5.90, $6.90 or $7.90 depending on which fillings you choose. All are wrapped in a thin wheat omelette made with egg, green onions, coriander & sesame seeds.

Bing Boy menu

After ordering, you can stand to the side and watch the girls make the wrap. The process looks quite similar to making crepes, but of course the ingredients are very different.

making the food

The finished product comes in a paper bag and looks very similar to a burrito. Of course, once you bite into it the experience is like none other. Delicious!

BBQ Bing (after a few bites)
(pictured: BBQ Bing after a few bites)

Bing Boy offers a very unique option and a great break from a sandwich or sushi roll for lunch.

Update 22 Dec 2011: A new location is now open in Myer Centre Food Court (lower ground level). The Renaissance Arcade location is still "coming soon".

Update 20 Jan 2012: The menu has changed slightly. New menu is:
Bing Boy Menu 2012

Update 23 April 2012: The Renaissance Arcade location is now open for business!

Update 15 June 2012: Based on my experience, the quality of the meat and general freshness is best at the Southern Cross location. I have had fatty meat at both the Renaissance Arcade and Myer Centre locations. I think the original Southern Cross location is the one to go to.

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  1. tried out the 'ching ching' wrap. flavour was good but chicken thigh was mostly pure chunks of fat.bean shoots were hard to bite through so had to be pulled out, and then by the time I had pulled out chicken 'fat' and bean shoots it was a mess to eat! The lady at the table next to me had the same issue. I won't be back in a hurry......

  2. That is a shame. Did you go to Southern Cross or Myer Centre?