28 May 2011

Indian Temptations - Adelaide, South Australia

We've been eating at Indian Temptations for a few years now so this review is long overdue. We love this place for authentic, cheap and delicious Indian food. You would think it would be a bit risky to eat here since it looks pretty dingy inside and out, but we've always had great experiences. Their food is the best Indian in Adelaide and far better than the more upmarket options around.

Most nights, Indian Temptations is buzzing with people of all different cultures ordering and collecting their take away. They have about 4 tables for eating in and if you choose this option, you certainly won't be bored with all the people and staff busily making magic in the kitchen just behind the counter. Here's a shot of the main counter during a rare quiet moment.

Where the magic happens

Now, to the food. Pick any dish you like and it's sure to be good, but the butter chicken and naan are amazing! If you don't know where to start, these two are very safe bets. Consistently awesome. Here's garlic naan ($2.50), butter chicken ($10.90), dal maharani ($8.50) and rice ($4.50 for a large).

oh. my. lord.

Also highly recommended is the mango lassi ($5 for a large), a deliciously sweet and thick yogurt drink.

Mango Lassi

If you're ever in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and want some awesome authentic Indian food for cheap, Indian Temptations is a must. With consistently awesome food and generous portion sizes you really can't go wrong. They're open 7 days 11:30am til late (except Sun 5:30pm til late).

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  1. YUM! You are so right.. they make the best Indian food that I've ever tasted in Adelaide and for such cheap prices too! Their samosas and tandoori chicken is pretty bomb - YUMYUM. This post has triggered my cravings ;)

  2. Thanks for the comment and yes, it's all making me very hungry too! yummo...just checking out your blog now just to torture my stomach a little more. :)