28 September 2010

Liberty Elm Diner - Providence, Rhode Island

We were driving through Rhode Island and even though it doesn't take long to get to the other border, we decided to stop for lunch in Providence at the Liberty Elm Diner. The diner, partly housed in a 1947 Worcester Lunch Car, has a long history under many different names. The current name Liberty Elm is a reference to the commitment to one percent of profits going toward the purchase of American Liberty Elm trees for Elmwood Avenue. But the coolest thing about the place is the current ownership's commitment to locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.

Liberty Elm Diner

There was a lot to choose from on the menu. I went for the breakfast burrito since I was half wanting breakfast and half wanting lunch. I thought this was a bit of a compromise. It was full of home cooked pinto beans (lard-free), homemade salsa, American cheese and local free range eggs all wrapped in an organic wheat tortilla. A hearty and healthy meal.
(also note the cute umbrella)

Breakfast Burrito

The house-roasted turkey sandwich was also refreshingly healthy and satisfying. The turkey was delicious and the tomatoes full of flavor, but the star of this sandwich is the pea sprouts in place of lettuce. Gives the sandwich a whole different personality. This was not your typical sandwich.

House-roasted Turkey Sandwich

Unfortunately, we ran out of room before we got to try their famous and regional specialty Johnny Cakes but I hear they're pretty tasty. If we're ever in Providence, Rhode Island again we know where we'll be heading.

P.S. Breakfast and Lunch are served all day (they're open until 3pm and are closed Mondays).

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